About Company


Arya Meat Integrated Facility continues its activities as a leading company in the Wholesale Meat sector, institutionalized by combining today's dynamics with its 3rd generation and 36 years of experience since 1986. Our company supplies red and white meat to the restaurants, food factories, hotels, restaurants and butchers of the region, and also serves the end consumer in the retail sector. Our company is one of the few companies in the region that has the Approval Certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Services by documenting the food standards and obtaining ISO and HASIB certificates. As Arya Meat Integrated Plant, it continues to show its activities as a leading company in the sector by meeting all the red meat needs of the region.


Being an institution that adopts the philosophy of quality; To produce healthy and in accordance with the law. To be Turkey's leading meat production and distribution company by working with a sense of duty in accordance with the team spirit, To provide our customers with services and products that comply with quality standards and exceed their expectations, To set an example for other sector organizations as a strong and leader with our corporate structure.


To grow steadily with all its employees by providing quality products and services through production, wholesale distribution and retail sales points where health, taste and reliability are at the forefront, By following and applying all the innovations required by our industry, we continue to be a leading company in the food industry, based on customer satisfaction, and always be the performer of innovations without compromising on the issue of halalness and health.



Our product capacity:

Our indoor shredding, packaging, preparation, processing and production area consists of 400 square meters of indoor space. Our facility is constantly inspected by our own veterinarian.

Our orders from our customers are prepared and packed in accordance with the hygiene rules by our professional staff under veterinary control and delivered to the address given in the date and time unit you want with our refrigerated frigo frig closed vehicles.



Muğla's Growing Brand

Arya Meat Integrated Plant, which serves the people of Muğla with its natural, healthy and high quality products, has always been the first choice of consumers with dozens of varieties from delicatessen to fresh meat, thanks to the importance it gives to hygiene, technology and taste.


While carrying out its production activities, Arya Meat Integrated Plant pays attention to the protection of the environment, the effective use of natural resources, the prevention of pollution, saving in water and energy, and complying with all environmental legislation and regulations.